Sunday, February 27, 2011


Having read Marked once before, I knew already what to expect from the beginning of this story. I really enjoyed this book, even though some of the words (ex: poopie, boobies) are on the childish side and are quite annoying. I'm not sure why PC and Kristin felt that by putting in those words they would be adding a line of immaturity to Zoey. Aside from the childish words, Marked is a great starting novel to a series that has many followers. I enjoyed this novel much more than the Twilight Saga, which doesn't say much since Twilight ranks low on my book list.

I see Zoey as a regular teenage girl, with the issues of growing up, having a bad home life, an ex-boyfriend who becomes obsessed with her (after she accidentally drinks his blood), a best friend who deserts her (i despise that her and I have the same name) and she's thrust into a new world, one you would basically encounter if you moved to a new school, of fledgling vampyres with a unique mark and the title "new girl".

There's also the bullies, those wretched heartless people who feel that bringing others down because they have issues is the way to be cool and popular. Oh and the new love interest, hottie, Erik Night, who pretty well sweeps Zoey off her feet, despite her putting him off a couple times.

Marked is a good read, quick and mostly fast paced. Although it's not yet one of my favorite vampire series, it is very well written by a mother-daughter duo who aren't afraid to put in curse words, arousal, or sexual content.

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  1. My sister gave me a copy of this book, haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but after this review I may have to give it a shot.