Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chosen (spoilers beware)

Chosen is the third novel in the House of Night series and things are beginning to go very sour for Zoey. She no longer trusts her mentor and High Priestess of her school, she's dating 2 guys and could be getting a third and life is just not panning out to be what Zoey expected. Things start getting worse though and Zoey isn't sure what to do when her best friend is undead and losing sight of her humanity. Zoey has a lot of decisions and plenty of secrets that will tear her and her friends apart. The only one she can turn to is Aphrodite, sworn enemy number 1.

The story is getting far more addicting in this 3rd installment. I feel bad for Zoey since she's only been a fledging for a month or so and already things are flipping upside down and going haywire. I wasn't very intriguing by this story in the beginning, but now it's drawing me in and I can't seem to put the books down. PC and Kristin are proving to be a truly dynamic duo when it comes to writing. We have mom (PC) who is a romance author and we have daughter (Kristin) who is younger and just beginning to make her mark on the world. 

In my opinion, House of Night is a million times better than the Twilight Saga, even if my mother refuses to believe me (she hasn't read anything outside of the Twilight Saga, so I know I can't trust her judgment.)

I very much enjoyed Chosen and I am excited to continue Zoey's story and see what happens. As well as learn what she's going to do about having more than one boyfriend. (soon she's going to be deeply regretting it all)

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