Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've been reading a lot lately. Having to go without internet and TV can do that though. I wasn't upset about it, it gave me a chance to shove my nose into several novels and read to my hearts content. (4 books in 2 weeks) So, I warn all of you now, there are spoilers in this one... there will be LOTS of spoilers in this one. You were warned. :P


Untamed is by far my favorite novel out of the HoN series so far. It's truly the best in my personal opinion. There's a lot more happening in this book then in the others. Stevie Rae has her humanity back (yay!!!!!), Aphrodite is now human (wtf!?) and the rest of Zoey's friends and boyfriend's are all gone, the school is dealing with the slaughter of 2 of its teachers (i'm pretty sure it was Neferet who killed them) and the High Priestess of all the Vampyres has come to their school.

Zoey messed up big time, but I understand why she didn't tell her friends about everything that has been happening in the HoN. Neferet, the mind reader, would probably kill Zoey if she found out how much Zoey knew. But, then again, now we have more to worry about aside from just Neferet and her dark desire to start a war with humans. Now Zoey has to deal with Raven Mockers, the children of Kalona. If you've read it, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Untamed is my favorite of the series so far, I've just begun reading book 5, Hunted, I hope it will be as good if not better then Untamed.

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