Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When people think of Sherrilyn Kenyon, they think of the Dark-Hunter series. She's a great romance author and her books are New Yorks Times best-sellers. Infinity is a new Young Adult series about Nick Gautier, a Dark-Hunter. The story is about Nick's younger years, when he's just 14 years old.

Nick is a sarcastic smart-mouthed kid who's trying to live his life the right way and not turn out like his dad, who's locked up in prison for a lot of bad stuff. His mom is raising him as well as she can, wanting to make sure Nick is a good boy. For the most part, Nick is a good boy, but he gets mixed up with the wrong type of friends and ends up in a bad situation.

Nick isn't who he thinks he is though, there's a lot about him that even he doesn't know. The book has good parts and bad, but I really loved when Nick was being sarcastic. I love a book that makes me laugh and I found myself laughing quite a bit with Nick's quick remarks and smart mouth.

I loved Infinity and hope to pick up and read the second book Invincible, as well as beginning to work my way through the Dark-Hunter, Dream-Hunter and Were-Hunter series. Sherrilyn Kenyon is an incredible writer and she amazes me more with every book she writes, the way she gives all of her characters, for however short a time you meet them, so much life and personality.

I gave Infinity a 5 of 5, because I thought it was well worth the read, despite it being a second choice from the library, and if I hadn't picked it, it probably would've been a good couple months before I finally got to it.

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