Sunday, July 31, 2011

Babe in Boyland

The cover says it all.

Natalie Rowan is Dr. Aphrodite, relationship columnist at her High School. The thing is, Natalie has never had a boyfriend, nor has she been in love. When the boys of her school begin lashing out and telling her that she has no experience and her advice is worthless, Natalie devises a plan to learn about the very mysterious and elusive male gender.

Going under cover at the all boys academy just outside town, Natalie turns into Nat, a new transfer student. Complete to short cropped hair, flattened chest and a roll of socks stuffed into her underwear, Nat begins a journey that will change "him" forever.

Babe in Boyland had me laughing left and right. When it wasn't a slip up in speech, it was a scene in the men's restroom or a high pitched scream so girly, she made some guys wonder if Nat was gay. Of course, we have to throw in a roommate who Nat instantly crushes on. The shy, soft spoke Emilio, steals her breath away from the very first time they meet.

I feel like I could gush about this book forever and never stop. I just adored it and I fell in love with Natalie, the courageous journalist who went to the very next level to discover the mysteries of men. I applaud her and wonder if a woman has ever done such a thing, whether it be for the sake of a passion she couldn't do as a woman (Shakespeare in Love) or maybe even for a better education or better sports program, woman have just as much strength and courage in them as a man.

This was another 5 of 5 book because it exceeded my expectations and blew me out of the water. A must read in my book. :)

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