Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hex Hall and Demonglass

Hex  Hall and Demonglass were a newer, more unique series to me. I don't often read many books that have witches in them, but these books caught my interest. I ended up reading them both in the matter of 2 days. Both were fast reads and an interesting plot-line to say the least. I recommend them, but I don't think everyone will enjoy them. I'm really big into the fantasy genre, but i mainly read vampire novels when there are good ones out there.

The main character is Sophie (Sophia) Mercer is a witch, a dark witch at that. She doesn't have much control over her powers and when she does a spell, they tend to go quite a bit over board. so, she's shipped off to Hecate Hall or Hex Hall to the students. Her roommate is a vampire, Jenna, who loves the color pink and is being accused by the students of killing her old roommate and the fire is only fueled more when another girl is attacked in the same manner, two punctures in the neck, body drained of almost all of its blood. Is it really Jenna or is there something even more sinister at work in Hex Hall. Sophie begins taking magic lessons from her great-grandmother Alice, who is more than she appears to be, and continually tells Sophie that she has great power just waiting to be let free. There is also Archer, a warlock, who Sophie gets detention with because she listens to the mean girls and says something she shouldn't have.

But being a witch isn't safe, there are people out to destroy all the magical beings. The greatest threat they face though, is from "The Eye".

In Demonglass, we find Sophie going to England to spend the summer with her father. Sophie soon discovers though, that things aren't what they seem with the people in the house they're staying at. Sophie finds herself in more trouble then before and has to begin going against what her father and the rest of the people around her say and choose what she feels deep down is right.

Both books are worth a read. Book 2, Demonglass is the better novel, in my opinion. :)

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