Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dark of the Moon by, Susan Krinard

I recently finished Dark of the Moon by, Susan Krinard and I enjoyed it. I've always enjoyed romance novels, the passion and denied love of the characters because they're too stubborn to admit that they're in love with each other is fun to read about. Dark of the Moon was a great story about Gwen and Dorian.

Taking place in 1920's New York, Dorian is a vampire with a wild side to him that only shows up at the Dark of the Moon. Dorian has to fight with a beast inside him that came to be when he killed his creator. But despite the monster, Dorian is a quiet brooding soul who Gwen pretty much adopts Dorian and takes it upon herself to help Dorian and his friend Walter.

Gwen is a newspaper reporter who is trying to find her place in the world of men. Gwen picks up a story that her father had been working on before his death. With this story comes the danger of being killed, which Dorian decides that Gwen is too valuable and innocent to be killed by one of the vampire covens fighting in New York.

This piece of Historical Paranormal Romance was a fun read. I didn't find many slow points and the story kept you reading until the very end. I do have to admit though.... I wish there had been more love making then there was, but the story I guess didn't accept much time for that until the end. Such a bummer, but still it was a great story. :)

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