Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hunted was a slow starter in my opinion but once you get past the slow parts the story picks up and becomes another great installment in the House of Night series. I stopped reading Hunted for a couple days so I could read Dark of the Moon, but when I came back to Hunted, I devoured it in a short time. Despite the continued use of childish words and annoying continued worries of Zoey having raging diarrhea, the story draws you in and you feel that excitement and terror that Zoey feels, the love she has and how she's slowly, with the annoying childish words, becoming a High Priestess.

Now that Zoey and her friends have taken refuge underground, away from the terrifying Kalona and the evil Neferet, Zoey begins to realize that there's more to the red fledglings and her best friend Stevie Rae. You don't find out what happens with the red fledglings yet, but you do learn that there's more to them then what Stevie Rae says. I'm scared to find out what it really is, but you learn the truth in the 6th book of the House of Night series, Tempted.

I will be beginning Tempted in a short time. So expect more House of Night posts as well as other books. :) But I do admit, I love the House of Night series and I'm excited for the rest of the series. I'm curious as to how many books there will be, so far there's 8 books and there's a 9th and 10th in the process of being written. May Kristin and PC decide that it's time for Zoey to stop saying childish words and become an adult who can say words that aren't as stupid as 'bullpoopie'. That is the biggest downside to the entire series and could very well ruin my love for this series. Which sucks... big time.

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