Monday, May 16, 2011


I just finished Graceling by, Kristin Cashore today after having started it in mid April. I ended up not reading it for a good 2 to 2 1/2 weeks which I was really upset about because I usually always have a book that I'm reading in my spare time. But I finally finished this book and I absolutely love it. The story was wonderful, I adore Katsa like crazy because she's one of those girls that kicks some serious ass. There's also Po. Oh Po. *insert girly swooning here* He's awesome too. ^^

Graceling is about well, Gracelings, people who are Graced with different kinds of sixth senses you might say. Katsa is the only girl in history who's been gifted with Killing. She's very good at fighting and she can kill anything with great ease. You can tell when you've met someone is Graced, they have two different colored eyes. Katsa embarks on a quest with Po, another Graceling whom Katsa meets in her uncle's castle. Their journey leads them through different kingdoms. There are seven in all and they've gone to try and find out why Po's Grandfather was kidnapped.

There's tons of action and fighting in this book, which always excites me, I love a good, edge of your seat fight when I'm reading if the book has action. ;) I got really attached to Katsa and Po and what they go through through the entire book. I give this one 5 stars and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read some great fighting and just an all around great novel. :)

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