Monday, May 30, 2011

The Iron King and The Iron Daughter

So, I've decided I'll review both of these books since the Iron Daughter is book 2 in the series. Also I just really love this series, it's awesome.

We start off with The Iron King, the story is about Meghan Chase, a teenage girl from Louisiana who is invisible at her school, unpopular and only has one friend. Her best friend Robbie is a tall, lanky thing with bright red hair and is always playing tricks and being a joker. When Meghan's younger brother Ethan is kidnapped and taken into the Nevernever, Meghan sets out to find him, soon learning things about herself and her best friend that she never knew before. Robbie, is actually Robin Goodfellow, or Puck from A Mid Summer Night's Dream and Meghan, is the Seelie King's half human daughter.

Meghan makes a couple unlikely friends, Grimalkin, a talking gray cat and Ash, the Unseelie Queen Mab's youngest son. What they find out is something truly terrifying is beginning to consume the Nevernever, the one thing faerie's fear the most... Iron. Soon Meghan is doing more than just saving her younger brother.

In the second novel, Meghan returns to the Nevernever and is held in Tir Na Nog, Unseelie Territory, as Queen Mab's "guest". But soon things turn sour and dangerous and Meghan must flee Tir Na Nog and find the Scepter of the Seasons after it was stolen from Mab by the Iron Fey.

She joins forces with Ash once again, his attitude toward her even icier than it was in the first novel. Jerk. Grimalkin the talking gray cat returns and Meghan has lots of emotions and sacrifices she has to make in this book. She's torn in several directions, unsure what to do about things, but one thing she knows, she has to get the Scepter back and return it to Mab before the Seelie and Unseelie courts destroy each other.

I adore this series, whether it's feeling Meghan's emotions or laughing at Puck, being angry at Ash or want to squeeze Grimalkin until his kitty head pops off, there really is no dull moment in these books. Meghan is always going, she hardly stops and she's finding that she has some pretty interesting powers that are showing themselves to her as she's caught in terrifying situations.

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