Monday, May 23, 2011

Kissed By An Angel

I read another Angel novel after Heavenly called Kissed By An Angel by, Elizabeth Chandler. It's the first book in a series and I found it less appealing than Heavenly. The story is good, but I felt like there could've been more to the characters. Especially the main character, she seemed a bit more on the two-dimensional side then the three. Elizabeth Chandler does a very good job at making you feel the emotions of the characters though and I felt like I was feeling what the characters were feeling a lot of the time.

I didn't like Ivy's new step-brother, he gave me the creeps, but Ivy's younger brother Philip I adored. I could sweep him up in a hug and hold him forever, poor little guy.

Ivy moves to a new town with her mom and younger brother Philip, they're there because her mom is about to get married to one of the wealthiest men in the city. With the marriage comes a step-brother who's a bit on the creepy, stalker side, which I came to understand after ready what happens to him. Then, there's Tristan. He's gorgeous, an excellent swimmer and he wants to be with Ivy, badly, but he's too afraid to ask her out or really even talk to her.

I thought a 4 of 5 was pretty good for this book, I'm hoping book two will be better and book three, I'll be reading them soon, once I've finished my reading challenge list, I will be returning to read the rest of the series, to see what happens with Ivy and Tristan.

Next review: Iron Daughter by, Julie Kagawa

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