Friday, June 10, 2011

White Cat

In a world where magic is common and runs in families like blue eyes, Cassel is the only non-worker in his family. He's just a plain human and he's out of the loop with everything in his family.

When Cassel finds himself on the roof of one of his school buildings after sleep walking his way onto the roof while following a white cat, he finds his world turned upside down and begins learning things about himself and his family that shock and surprise him.

Holly Black is one of my favorite authors, her book series A Modern Faerie Tale is still one of my favorite series and now she returns with another series The Curse Workers. I liked this book, but I think it could've been a million times better. With everything that happens though and the point of view being from a male, it's a new change and seems like it's going to be a better series that's not going to be as dark but just as good as A Modern Faerie Tale. I'll be reading the second book Red Glove next but I'm not sure if I'll review it due to not wanting to give anything away about the first book White Cat.

I do recommend this book as a new twist on magic and how it runs genetically through families.

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