Sunday, January 22, 2012

City of Glass

  Wow, that's all I can really say about City of Glass. It was nothing that I was expecting and the things that happened in it made it better than book 1 and 2. This book, in my opinion was unpredictable.

  What I do want to say, without giving anything away, is, what an incredible twist. I do have to say that I was not in any way disappointed with the ending of this book. Clary has become a very intriguing character and she's starting to grow into herself, seeing her potential and becoming the woman that she'll be when she gets older.

  I just don't know what to really say about City of Glass. There's not much I CAN say without putting a huge spoiler in this entry. I'm beginning to love Cassandra Clare, she can spin one hell of a story and keep you guessing until the end. She'll have you loving and hating her characters as well as her as an author.

  I'm so glad I picked up this series and began reading it. I can't wait to read City of Fallen Angels and the fifth book, which sadly hasn't come out yet. I want to read more. I want to know how things turn out in all the characters lives. 

  I will say that there were a couple times where I could kind of predict what was going to happen, but the scenes were few and far between if there was more than one. One part did break my heart and I'm sure it will to anyone who reads book three. Oh, and Alec became somewhat annoying in City of Glass, but he's also developing nicely and becoming a good man. 

  I give City of Glass a 5 of 5 because 1) it ended the way I wanted it to end and 2) I think this series is going to end incredibly and that things are going to get more and more twisted as the characters get older and become adults. (if the books go that way) Otherwise, it's a great series and I definitely recommend it to people who haven't read it!

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