Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shut Out

  This book intrigued me greatly from the moment I read the synopsis. I finally got around to reading it and I didn't regret picking it up, Shut Out was excellent. Although I wouldn't say that it's a book for everyone, it was definitely a book that I greatly enjoyed.

  Lissa from the get go, is not an everyday teenage girl, she has a big obsessive compulsive disorder that can affect her everyday life with the simplest little thing going wrong. Lissa also happens to be dating the quarterback of the football team, who is in an all out war with the soccer team.

  The rivalry at Hamilton High is strong enough to tear best friends apart and put them on separate sides of the cafeteria. During the fall, when soccer and football are in full swing, the girlfriends of the players will find their boyfriends showing up at dates with black eyes, split lips and bruises and the girlfriends find themselves second best in their relationships, the rivalry suddenly coming first.

  More than once Lissa has found herself left panting and half naked in the back of her boyfriends car as he chases after the soccer player who egged his car. Lissa decides she's had enough, especially after finding out a freshmen soccer player gets seriously injured during a hazing. And what does Lissa and the girls of Hamilton High affected by the rivalry do, wanting the rivalry finished once and for all?

  They do what any sensible girl would do...

  They go on a sex strike.

  Lissa was a very strong character, despite her flaws. She grows so much from the sheltered, obsessive compulsive, worried girl that she is in the beginning. The strike gives her the strength to stand up for herself, also while having her best friend (the school slut) and her oldest best friend (a soccer players girlfriend)at her side.

  Shut Out was a great read and I find myself wanting to read more of Kody Keplinger. I gave Shut Out a 4 of 5, finding it was a delightful read, even when I found my heart pounding so hard in my chest at one point.

  If you're looking for a good "power to the woman" read, Shut Out is a great pick, but I would suggest it for the older teen crowd.

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